Monday, May 14, 2007


On the Wall Street Journal Health Blog, a March 27th entry talked about some of the problems for Sanofi Aventis’ hotly-awaited blockbuster obesity drug Accomplia…oh, I’m sorry, now its being called “Zimulti” (apparently, “accomplia’ was too suggestive???) Unfortunately, it also makes you a little too aggressive. I guess the FDA isn’t so quick to pull the trigger after recent developments.
So while overweight people everywhere salivate over the promise of “exercise in a pill”, comments like this appear:

“I am so disappointed. I have struggled with weight problems all of my adult life, and I have been waiting for this drug to become available in the USA for two years. I wish all the people at the FDA would gain 100 pounds apiece overnight. Then, maybe they could have some sympathy for those of us who need help in shedding pounds. If a doctor prescribes it, he/she should follow up with the patient to see if they have unpleasant side effects. Why keep it from all the others who need it? “
Comment by Mary - March 29, 2007 at
2:43 pm

Yes, your doctor will surely follow up. And if anything goes wrong… then he can go DOWN!!! After all, your safety watchdog shouldn’t keep honest, hard-working Americans from the drugs that are RIGHTFULLY THEIRS!!! It’s everyone’s right to have all the drugs they want, right?

Someone tell that to the guys who convicted Dr. William Hurwitz who was convicted of drug trafficking in an Alexandria, VA court.

Please! Doctors are on the hook for everything. We are supposed to be able to predict which side effect you get. We are supposed to recognize every side effect. We are supposed to predict who will have an allergic response to a drug, even if they have no history of allergies. We are supposed to predict who will take a drug, and who will sell it on the street. Since when did doctors become DEA agents??? Now this moronic woman wants doctors to run their own individual safety studies.

I’m sure she’d be willing to sign something that says “If I die or have some other horrible side effect, I and my family agree not to sue my doctor” And guess what? If she did sign it…they’d STILL sue! Because their douchebag lawyers would argue that it was signed “under duress”. It’s a no-win situation, and the brilliant (and obviously overweight) scribe quoted above just doesn’t get that.


Anonymous said...

Omigosh I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment! I am glad you are angry and putting your thoughts out here for people to read. I look forward to reading farther back and seeing you dissect the insanity and inanity of what you have to deal with in your chosen profession. BTW, I am a nurse and a HUGE fan and advocate of physicians.

angry doc said...

I hate to say this about Mary, but I doubt she herself gained 100 pounds overnight.

Mike said...

Hey Angry Doc... hope you dont mind I stole your name. Sorry.. I was angry at the time.

angry doc said...

No worries. I myself am not the only angry doc (someone else created an 'angry doctor' blog before me but didn't keep it up, and an 'angry nhs doc' started his blog after me but was forced to close it down).

There are many angry doctor-bloggers out there, so stay angry, and stay in touch!

David said...

Why anyone would choose to spend 185 euros for 28 tablets, versus increasing their physical activity is beyond comprehension. I say, let the FDA take the time neccessary, look at the latest reports with Avandia. When will the questions start, asking which healthcare agency will pay for Zimulti?

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