Friday, May 25, 2007


For my first post since my long hiatus, I’d like to discuss an anger-inducing advertisement I saw in my newspaper the other day. It was the Enquirer (yes, I read the Enquirer, so sue me) magazine and it was a full page spread pushing a product line by Iovate named “blank MD”. For instance, they sell “Heartburn MD” or “Cholesterol MD”.

Many things about this ad and product line got me ANGRY!!! I’ll detail in the next few posts more details about why, but I’ll just begin with the first and most obvious… the use of the letters “MD” in the product line.

“What is so wrong with that?” you ask. Well, the ad shows a group of very friendly doctors with knowing smiles and crossed arms at the bottom of the page, and their website describes their qualifications and they do appear to be physicians (one is a DO). So they aren’t really misleading anyone, right?

I suppose not, technically. However, one must acknowledge the trend nowadays to have scientific-sounding outlets for nutty positions. For instance, the global warming “debate” has been invaded by all kinds of “journal” articles and “research” conducted by people who are no more scientists than your average “American Idol” watcher. Ditto with abortion studies that purport to show an increased risk of breast cancer or sucide risk among women who’ve had an abortion.

So my feeling here is that by invading the marketplace with “supplements” (because that’s what these products are, which I’ll detail in my next post) and putting “MD” in the name, and having a team of doctors who are actually board certified behind them, they can convince a gullible public that they are somehow equivalent to prescription medicine, which has been TESTED (most of the time).

To be fair, the “Heartburn MD” product appears to be mostly calcium carbonate, so its no different than your average pack of Rolaids. But of course its also laced with bat wings and eye of newt (an exaggeration obviously) so they have a “proprietary” product.

Whatever they need to do to make a living. In my next few posts, I’ll take a closer look at these doctors and these products.


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